Meet the Team

Bournemouth East Allotment Association (BEAS) is a self-managed site. The land is owned by Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole Council but, within the terms of our lease, we can run our own site.. It does take some effort and is managed by a team of volunteers, 'The Committee' , who are voted in each year at the Annual General Meeting by it's members. We all have different roles but collectively we make sure the allotment site is financially viable and a safe and enjoyable place for everyone to enjoy. Meet the Team below.

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As Chair of BEAS, I am very proud of our achievements. Our aim is to provide vibrant, affordable and accessible allotments to the local community but we couldn't do that without the help of our Committee and the many volunteers who support us.  We are reliant on them to support the site maintenance and the necessary fund raising, but hopefully everyone enjoys being part of our allotment community. It is not an accident that we have been voted best site in Bournemouth for the last 6 years! 

All of the Committee Members and their contact details are below.

Feedback is welcome. We are always trying to make things easier or better and I would welcome any ideas you have on how we could improve life on the allotments. 

Lyn Clarke - Chair

David Taylor Society Secretary

Hilary Sullivan Treasurer

Louisa Lyndsey-Clarke Site Manager

Peter Clarke Shop Manager

Andrew Dawson Assistant Site Manager

Susannah Atif Communications Co-ordinator

Clare McCarty-Brooker Community Links Co-ordinator