The information on this page should provide you with everthing you need to know to manage your plot, whether you are a first time or a long standing plot holder. From getting started, to understanding the 'rules' of the Society, making applications for changes, and finding hints and tips on what to grow - it's all here. If you still have questions then please contact Louisa, the Site Manager  on [email protected]

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What it means be a Tenant

As a tenant you have agreed to follow the rules of the site. Here are some quick links to help:

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What to do in the first 3 months

It can be a bit daunting to get going so here is a Handy Guide to the first 3 months

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Sheds, Greenhouses & Structures

permission is needed for any permanent structure on your plot, including paving slabs.  All the information you need is below:

Useful Information

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Water Butts

Water Butts are located at intervals on both sites. The water is on from April to October. Please make sure the lids are closed and clipped when not in use. Plot holders should clean the water butts during the winter months ready for the water being turned on again in April - NOTE turning water on could be delayed if water butts have not been cleaned. If you have a shed, we would also encourage you to have your own water butt to collect rainwater.

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Weed Killing

We are not an organic allotment site but some of our tenants do use organic methods to cultivate their own plot. We would always encourage using natural methods of weedkilling. If you do use chemical  weedkillers, please only use them on your own plot and be careful not to get it on dividing pathways or the main drives. Follow the link for useful RHS Weedkiller information

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You can only have a bonfire from the 1st October to 31st May. Guidance is on all the noticeboards but the key thing is consideration for neighbours to avoid complaints. Click here for Bonfire Guidance

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Chippings are freely available on both sites and are topped up regularly by local suppliers. Ideal for mulching or creating temporary paths on your plot. For convenience we supply wheelbarrows, shovels and sweeping brushes. Please leave the area neat and tidy.

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Path Maintenance

A volunteer cuts the main drives for us but it is Plotholders responsibility to keep the side paths trimmed and the edges of your own plot tidy. This includes any edges that border a main drive. Strimmers and mowers are available from the shop during opening hours, if needed.

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Composting is a key part of re-cycling vegetation from the plot  to enrich the soil - good for future crops and helping you to get rid of compostable material created by the plot and at home.  Click below for more information on: